Non-Heritage First Assessment!


For all non-heritage students, their first assessment is at the end of this week!

All 6, 7, and 8th-grade students are currently reviewing for their first CFA (common formative assessment).

Review material by classroom stations:

  1. Numbers
  2. Colors
  3. Commands/Questions (Can I go to the bathroom? song by senorwooly)
  4. Greetings and Basic Conversations
  5. I have/I don’t have (Yo tengo/Yo no tengo)
  6. Classroom objects
  7. Spanish listening in the classroom (No lo tengo Song; Can I go to the bathroom? song)

If you have any questions, please send an email to Profe ( or Sr. Clavell




Author: theartofmusicalpoetry

I'm Jose Clavell, graduate student at Western Illinois University. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico alumni. Choral Conductor, Spanish teacher writer, foodie, and a blogger.

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