Español como lengua heredada: Enlaces


Enlaces en la que puedes ver. Algunos enlaces son bilingues.

Latinos that have helped the Hispanic community:
Latinos that have helped the hispanic commnity

25 most influential Hispanics in America:,28757,2008201,00.html

5 latino philanthropists

18 major moments in Hispanic History in USA

40 important latinas

10 Hispanic icons that have made a cultural impact

40 latinos in American Politics:

More Latinos grow up in English-Only homes, study finds (En Español):

Hispanic Heritage Month aims to embrace many different traditions (En Español):

Civil Rights Activist: Dolores Huerta(En Español)

Activist & Labor Organizer: Cesar Chavez (En Español)




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I'm Jose Clavell, graduate student at Western Illinois University. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico alumni. Choral Conductor, Spanish teacher writer, foodie, and a blogger.

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