Capybara con botas vocabulary

Chapter 1-4 Vocabulary

General Vocabulary

Chapter 1-3 vocabulary (with pictures)


Back from Spring Break!


I hope you had an amazing Spring Break! Our students are hard at work creating infographics with the materials they researched before break!

Students from 6,7 and 8th grade are working on Ecuador & various topics in the country. The student’s infographic will vary from the following topics:

– Ecuador & the water cycle
– conservation of water in the Amazons
– Capybaras & what are they?
-The Amazon region (animals, rainforest, etc)
-Ecuador (country)
-Ecuador & tourism
-Ecuadorian animals
-Ecuadorian & it’s exotic animals
-The government in Ecuador: Oppression and Resilience (an awesome 8th grader is working on this)

Segundo (2ndo) Semestre

Buenas tardes!

I hope you are well! Welcome to the second semester of Spanish class. For students who stayed on my roster, I’m glad you’re back. For students who are new to my roster, BIENVENIDO(A)! This email is to remind you/notify you of changes or procedures of class.


– Folder, Notebook, writing utensil

Senor wooly: 

As part of their grades (Criterion A: Comprehension Spoken and Visual Text), students need to complete online assignments during class. The website we use is Students have started this semester with 2 assignments, which is due in March. I have limited access to headphones, so please students, bring your own. Also, I have blocked ALL WEDNESDAYS for students to work on their online assignments. This way, if students have no access to internet/electronic device at home, they can still finish them.


Students are accessed in 4 ways (with examples)
CA: spoken and visual text ( señor wooly website, any listening activity or assignment)
CB: written and visual text  (reading assignments/activities)
CC: Responding to (class participation, reacting to, answering or asking in the target language)
CD: Using language (anytime students use Spanish to communicate full ideas)

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you at Exhibition or Conferences,

Señor Clavell
Language Acquisition Department Head
Spanish PLC Leader for BMS
Brody Middle School, an International Baccalaureate School

Tis’ the season… (Update/Email to students & parents)


Spanish class update!

Señor Wooly

6, 7, and 8th-grade students have been working hard at Spanish class! Since the semester started, students have been using the website to reinforce their listening skills. These activities go to their second strand in their grade book CB: Comprehending spoken and written text.  Students have this website for homework. They have also have had 5-6 days (full 45 minute periods) to work on these assignments in Sr. Clavell’s room. 

Unfortunately, some student’s grade has suffered for not working on these assignments. Students can work in these in on any electronic device (phone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc). All you need is access to internet and your password. 

CFA, Tests, & Retests

As discussed in class and in a previous email sent to students and parents. The close of day for any retest is DECEMBER 15 (Friday of next week). Some students have had the option of doing a retest in the classroom if their señor wooly tasks were completed. GRADES WILL BE UPDATED December 21st!

Holiday travel

If a student is to be gone over this upcoming week and a half because of a winter holiday travel or for any presonal/family reason please contact me!

Seasons greetings & Happy Holidays!

-Sr. Clavell


La música me mueve

Subeme la radio

Hijo de la luna(heavy metal)
Hijo de la luna (My Little Pony version)

Español como lengua heredada: Enlaces


Enlaces en la que puedes ver. Algunos enlaces son bilingues.

Latinos that have helped the Hispanic community:
Latinos that have helped the hispanic commnity

25 most influential Hispanics in America:,28757,2008201,00.html

5 latino philanthropists

18 major moments in Hispanic History in USA

40 important latinas

10 Hispanic icons that have made a cultural impact

40 latinos in American Politics:

More Latinos grow up in English-Only homes, study finds (En Español):

Hispanic Heritage Month aims to embrace many different traditions (En Español):

Civil Rights Activist: Dolores Huerta(En Español)

Activist & Labor Organizer: Cesar Chavez (En Español)